Were on earth is Verpelet?

June 26, 5768 at 9:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It’s a small village in Hungary, near Eger, with a population of 4086, none of them Jews.

The village was founded in 1331, and Jews came to live in it around 1628.

By 1944, the Jewish population was up to thirty families, and two hundred bachurim in the Yeshivah.

In 1944, the hungarians killed everybody, and deported to Auschwitz the few left alive.

Only eleven survivors came back.

Today, the Jewish cemetery is abandoned, with gypsies camping on the grounds, while the Beit Knesset is used as a storage shed for the firefighters.

Yirmiyahu HaNavi said: “And the destroyer will come upon every city, and no city will escape; the valley will also perish, and the plain will be destroyed; as Hashem has spoken.”



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  1. Looking for Jews from Verpelet

  2. I;m looking for jewes fro Verpelt!

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